Fellowship, talking to Friends and visiting our Community Service Projects or Partner Club in WormsGet an impression of our recent activities.

See some exemplary impressions of the activities of the Rotary Club of Cairo Cosmopolitan, of what we do, think and say. From 1989 to 2023. Kindly download our bulletins for a closer look on our past events. 

RCCC Bulletin mockup 2022 2023

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 RCCC past events group 2019 640Group picture of our club taken during the visit of the District Governor at the Marriott in October 2019


One of the cornerstones of Rotary is Fellowship. With a Club that is based on strong fellowship we can undertake many activities that have an impact on the quality of life in our Community. Every month – in regular and non-pandemic times – we organise a spouse night.


RCCC past events collage breakfast 640Listening to and thanking speakers for presenting interesting topics


RCCC past events breakfast 2015 640A breakfast meeting from 2015 ...


RCCC past events breakfast 2020 640... and a breakfast meeting from 2020. 


Visit to one of our Community Service Projects: Trauma operating theatre of the Demerdash hospital. In January 2013, our Club donated equipment to the trauma operating theatre of the Demerdash hospital of Ayn Shams University. This hospital gives free treatment to all. During his visit to Egypt the District Governor Kevork Mahdessian visited our project.

RCCC past events DEMERDASH2 640On the picture (l. to r.) PP Hossam Fahmy, PDG Kevork Mahdessian, FR Nawal Kelada, PP Samir Bahari and Dr Amr Mahgoub of Demerdash Hospital

RCCC past events DEMERDASH1 640The plaque at the trauma centre recognising the donation of our club


We are visiting our partner club Rotary Club of Worms-Nibelungen on a regulare base – and in return, we are always glad to host our friends in Cairo. In March 2019 once again we had the honor to welcome many of our friends in Cairo, visiting the Gianaclis Vineyard.


RCCC past events Worms2019 640Since 2000 we are meeting our friends of the Rotary Club of Worms-Nibelungen almost annualy, either in Egypt or in Germany. This picture was taken in 2019 at our joint visit to the Gianaclis Vineyard.







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